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How to Apply Jheri Curl Activator

If you are looking for a distinctive, low-maintenance style for relaxed or permed hair, consider a Jheri curl activator. When properly maintained, hair that is treated with Jheri curl activator can give you a high-curl, wet-look style. Before you start, protect the skin around your hairline, neckline and ears with Vaseline. Activator contains lye, which can sometimes irritate the skin. Keep reading to learn how to apply Jheri curl activator.

  1. First: Divide hair into sections

    Part your hair down the middle, then again from ear-to-ear. This should result in four, separate sections. This is very important; otherwise, activator solution is not necessarily evenly-distributed, resulting in an inconsistent appearance. You might ask a friend to help you with this step.

  2. Second: Prep your hair for the activator

    Many Jheri curl kits include a softening cream, which helps to relax the hair so that curls are more pronounced and longer-lasting. Follow the instructions included in the kit. Rinse thoroughly from your hair. Next, wrap towel-dried sections of hair around perm rods. Start from the back of your head, moving forward. Saturate your hair with perm solution; cover with a plastic cap for the specified amount of time. Then, use warm water to rinse the perm solution from your hair, but do not remove the perm rods. Apply a neutralizer solution, and allow it to sit, uncovered, for five minutes. Rinse, and remove the rods.

  3. Third: Apply the activator

    Finally, your hair is ready for Jheri curl activator. For hair shorter than six inches, squeeze a quarter-sized dollop of activator into your palms. Longer hair may require multiple applications of activator. Rub your palms together, then apply activator directly to your hair. Massage it in thoroughly and consistently from roots to ends so that all curls are fully-saturated. Afterward, maintain your style by spraying hair daily with activator and Jheri curl moisturizer.