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Necessary Products Needed For a Jheri Curl

Learn everything you need to know about the products and tools necessary for getting and keeping a Jheri curl. The look that worked so great for celebrities in the past is now yours to have. Just read on about the various products you need and in what order to apply them. In no time, you can show off your own Jheri curl to your friends and neighbors.

Rearranging cream

The first product you need to is the rearranging cream. This solution is a softener that loosens the hair and prepares it for the next step of Jheri curl creation. Easy to get and reasonably priced this product really sets the stage for things to come.

Chemical perm solution

Once you get your hair nice and soft with the softener it is time to make your new look last. For this, you need a chemical solution that perms your hair. Using chemicals makes your curls permanent and indestructible. The best place to look for this product is your hairdresser. Hair professionals have a variety of brands available to you.

Product to maintain your Jheri curl

To make sure your look lasts for weeks, you need to take care of it. What you need for that is a hair moisturizer and a curl activator spray. If used regularly every day these products make your Jheri curl shine and impress all your friends.

The Jheri curl is an impressive and delicate look. For a perfect curl you need the perfect set of products. Using the guidelines provided, you can create the perfect hair style, and maintain it for many weeks. Wait no further; supply yourself with the Jheri curl kit and create your perfect look.